April 5, 2013

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Major heroin traffickers arrested



MILFORD - A joint investigation by the Pike and Wayne County district attorney offices resulted in the arrest of five individuals on heroin trafficking charges and the seizure of 662 bags of heroin and just over $5,000 in cash.

After a five month investigation detectives arrested and charged two individuals from Paterson, New Jersey, two from Palmyra Township, in Pike County and one from Honesdale, in Wayne County.

Detectives from the Pike County District Attorney’s Office began investigating heroin sales in Delaware Township in November of last year. That investigation led to the arrest of Louis Stellato on heroin selling charges last November. A search warrant at the Stellato residence revealed over $6,000 in U.S. Currency, 172 bags of heroin and several firearms. During that investigation, detectives learned that Stellato was being supplied by a man known as Walter “Wizzy” Brown who would travel from Paterson, New Jersey, to the Stellato residence to deliver heroin for resale by Stellato.

Earlier this year, detectives from both DA offices began jointly looking into heroin sales in both counties. In February of this year, detectives began purchasing heroin from Brandon Deforge in Pike County. During those purchases, detectives learned Deforge was obtaining heroin from Brown. In total, detectives purchased over 1,000 bags of heroin on four occasions from Deforge. The heroin, purchased at a wholesale rate, had a street value of between fifteen and twenty thousand dollars. Deforge made sales in the Lackawaxen Township, Palmyra Township, and Blooming Grove Township areas.

Detectives obtained a court order to permit them to monitor the location of cellular telephones used by Deforge and Brown. During the monitoring of the cell phone locations Detectives were able to conduct surveillance and observe Brown and Deforge meeting in the Westfall Township area of Pike County and the Honesdale area of Wayne County.

On Tuesday, April 2, detectives arranged to purchase heroin from Deforge at a location in Blooming Grove Township, Pike County. While waiting to complete the purchase of heroin from Deforge, detectives learned that Brown was traveling from Paterson, New Jersey towards Pike County by monitoring the location of his cellular telephone.

Brown, Deforge and Luis Rivera arrived at the location in Blooming Grove Township. Deforge then sold 250 bags of heroin for $1,675 to a confidential informant. Pike and Wayne County detectives, as well Pennsylvania state troopers, took the three into custody. 




Joseph Stellato

Lou Stellato

The investigation also led to the arrest of Nicholas Huebner, 22, of Honesdale for heroin sales.

All of the suspects are held in the Pike County Jail in lieu of high bail.

District Attorneys Raymond Tonkin of Pike County, and Janine Edwards of Wayne County District Attorney, credited the joint efforts of their detectives, State Police, the Honesdale Borough police in apprehending the five. Additionally, both credited recently passed updates by the State Legislature to Pennsylvania’s Electronic Surveillance Act in being able to facilitate the monitoring of drug dealers’ activities.

“Without the dedicated cooperative efforts of the detectives of both offices involved in this investigation and the updated ability to monitor the dealers’ cell phones, it would not have been possible to apprehend individuals who traveled from over 60 miles away to deliver this poison into our communities”, Tonkin stated

District Attorney Edwards said “I am very pleased that together the Wayne and Pike County Drug Task Forces were able to pinpoint the activities of these drug dealers and apprehend them.”

Both District Attorneys thanked State Police, Eastern Pike Regional Police Department and the Honesdale Police Department for their assistance during the investigation.

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