September 23, 2014

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Search intensifies in area near Frein’s home

BARRETT TWP – State police confirmed on Monday that are focusing on what they call a “hotspot” near Eric Frein’s home, as they continue an intensive search for the suspect in the killing of a state police corporal and the wounding of a trooper.  Nine days after the ambush shooting outside the Blooming Grove barracks on Route 402, no arrests have been made.

During a Monday news conference, in Pike County, Gov. Tom Corbett said the search area is “narrowing”. 

That search is concentrated in Barrett Township in a heavily wooded area around Frein’s home.

Police also revealed that some evidence has been found in the woods not far from the crime scene.  That includes a high-powered rifle and ammo clips. 

In order to preserve the integrity of the investigation, police are not going into much more detail.

The ongoing search and investigation reportedly is disrupting life in Barrett Township.  Roads are closed.  IDs are being checked for people coming in and out.  In some cases, people at home are not being allowed out, and people who were away from their homes aren’t being allowed back in, for now.

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