February 6, 2019

New voting system demonstrated for Pike County

Ballot scanner image from Dominion Voting website

MILFORD – It’s being called “new” but one component looks quite old.  You fill out a paper ballot.

The new voting system for Pike County was demonstrated at the Pike County Commissioners’ meeting on Thursday. County Elections Director Nadine Manzoni and John Hastings, of Dominion Voting, did the demonstration. Dominion Voting is the company which present voting machines were purchased.

The new system, which will begin in Pike County for the May primary, consists of a scanner for most people, and a touch screen and printer for those who need help with voting. The voter will get signed in as usual, be given a paper ballot to fill out in a privacy booth, take the ballot to a scanner, take off a receipt section, and put the ballot into the scanner. The ballots will be collected in a locked container under the scanner. Absentee ballots will be go through the scanner and provisional ballots will be taken to the scanner by the person who filled it out.

The technology of the scanner system allows it to take a picture imprint of each ballot which can be checked by the Elections office in case any problems arise with a polling place. Some of the larger precincts may have more than one scanner, especially during the presidential election.

The 25 new systems cost $206,000 of which Pike County will be responsible for around $38,000. The state will give Pike County $103,000 in 2020 when all counties are required to be using the new system.        

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