June 13, 2019

Hands-free cellphone legislation clears PA House committee

HARRISBURG - Rep. Rosemary Brown's (R-Monroe/Pike) hands-free cellphone legislation, House Bill 37, passed unanimously out of the House Transportation Committee.

"We have a significant safety problem; this bill is a reasonable and realistic measure that can be enforced to help change behaviors and save innocent lives," said Brown. "We are not going to stop all accidents, but it is time to do something to show how serious it is to drive distracted, especially with a cellphone which seems to be taking priority over the responsibility to drive."

House Bill 37, if enacted, would prohibit the use of cellphones while operating a motor vehicle on Pennsylvania roadways unless the driver utilizes hands free technology. It also allows for GPS use if the phone is in a docking station. This legislation aims to remove the device from the driver's hands and return their focus to the road in front of them.

"It is time for drivers to be held accountable for driving distracted here in the Commonwealth,” Brown said. “Many families have suffered tragic loss all because drivers couldn't put down their phones. There is no reason why the lives of others should be second to a mobile device while on the road."

The measure is before the full House on first consideration.


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