May 28, 2009

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Voter brings primary ballot error to commissioners attention

Boyle - every vote
counts, most of
the time

MILFORD - Linda Boyle, who votes at the Dingman 2 polling place, told the Commissioners that she believes there was an error with her vote during the May 19th Primary Election.  The claimed error has not been corrected, and that apparently is affecting the outcome of the Delaware Valley School Board primary.

If Boyle’s vote had been correct, Jack Fisher would have won the vote on the Republican ticket and there would not have been a tie vote with Ed Silverstone. Lots are scheduled to be cast on June 5th to see who will win the tie.  

Boyle, a Republican, claims she was either given a Democratic card to place in the machine or there was an error in the machine itself. Nothing has been proven yet as to the cause of the error.

She realized the problem two days after voting and after talking with a friend, believes she may not the only person that had that happen.

The other people realized before they cast their votes that they had a Democratic ballot instead of Republican and bought it to the attention of their Judge of Election. 

Boyle was the first voter of the day and the others were numbers seven and eight for.

She accidentally found out about the other errors by speaking with the spouse of one of the other voters who noticed the error.

Boyle felt that it was her duty to notify the Elections Office of the error. When she visited the Elections Office and told them of the problem, she was given a Provisional Ballot to fill out to change her vote. She then found out that her vote wouldn’t count because she should have never been given the Provisional Ballot in the first place.

The Pike County Commissioners and their Solicitor found out after primary day about the problem. They are now looking into what needs to be done so no more errors like this will occur for the November Election.

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